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Does this do it for you?

Everyone thinks it's easy, don't they? "Sex sells," they say, as if the adult industry takes no effort. People think it's a quick buck, an easy win. It isn't.

Below, we lay out some of the things we've found to be effective in the constantly shifting landscape of adult marketing. 

The Four Tenets

The importance of conceptual thinking

The ability to think in abstract terms is very literally what defines us. The use of coded language, of suggestive imagery, and of metaphor, is extremely effective in matters as intimate as sex and pleasure.

At The Afterglow, we're always looking for the most captivating way to say a thing, or to represent an emotion, or to suggest a sensation. 

Don't underestimate the power of the right metaphor - a metaphor allows us to describe the unknown in terms of the known. That's very useful to adult marketers.

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